Artificial Grass Installation

The Easigrass Johannesburg team are experts when it comes to installing artificial grass quickly and efficiently. Our team takes great pride in our high level of professionalism, and you can simply sit back and enjoy the process, knowing that your outdoor space transformation is in the best hands.Keep in mind that each space is unique, this means the artificial grass installation process may vary depending on the size and requirements. Here is a basic guideline on what to expect or check out this installation video.

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Natural ball roll

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Practice putting

Installation steps

Step 1: We use Easi-protect on the edge details and walkways to protect the perimeter.

Step 2: We replace your current turf or surface with a weed membrane and heavy aggregates, using specialist tools.

Step 3: Once the artificial grass is installed around the edges, we apply Easi-Silica sand using spreading machines. This is brushed into the base of the grass to raise the pile, creating a lush, pristine finish.

Step 4: We ensure all rubble and dirt is cleaned and removed before leaving

If you have any questions about the artificial grass installation process, our expert team would be happy to assist. Contact Easigrass Johannesburg today.

Starting from R200.00 (excl VAT) per square metre for artificial grass excluding installation.

Easigrass Johannesburg supplies and installs a wide range of high quality, award-winning artificial grass products for home gardens, kids’ play areas, sports areas, commercial spaces and offices throughout the Johannesburg area.