Artificial Grass FAQs

Starting from R200.00 (excl VAT) per square metre for artificial grass excluding installation.

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No maintenance

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Soft and strong

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Great for kids & pets

Does artificial grass have drainage?

Yes, Easigrass artificial grass drains more effectively compared to natural turf so there’s no need to worry about those heavy Johannesburg downpours! Our grass has drainage holes every 10cm.

How long does artificial grass last?

Our artificial grass comes with an 8 year warranty, but our award-winning artificial grass is known to surpass this. If fact, some customers have had their grass for over 15 years.

Does artificial grass fade?

No, Easigrass artificial grass doesn’t fade during its lifetime but the entire area can fade up to 5% within 15 years. This is very minimal when you compare it to how paving fades up to 30% within 6 months, making Easigrass a fantastic alternative.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Easigrass is 43% cooler than any other grass and it doesn’t heat up any more than paving or decking.

Is artificial grass pet friendly?

Yes! Our artificial grass is ideal for dogs and other pets who enjoy spending time in the garden. Simply remove the present your pet leaves behind on the grass, and rinse the area with water. Everything else is filtered into the soil and decomposes naturally. We also offer Easi-Pong, a product that is sprayed onto the grass, to help get rid of those hard to clean odours.

Do I have to maintain artificial grass?

Easigrass is extremely low maintenance but it still needs some maintenance every now and then. Use a hard bristle brush and brush it once a month, to make it look as good as new. We also offer annual maintenance packages.