Easigrass Padel

Easily the fastest growing sport in the world, Padel is a combination between tennis and squash, and Easigrass is ready to install it for you! Choose EasiPadel for your court application – hassle-free quality from installation to game day.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Latest texturised turf yarn
  • All year round durability
  • Hassle free installation

EasiPadel: Install your Padel Courts with Easigrass Precision


Padel is played in over 60 countries and is often referred to as tennis with walls and squash in the sun. A hybrid of the bat and ball games, the padel revolution has taken Africa by storm.


Easigrass is now a proud installer of Padel Courts – with PadelPRO-5 turf. Easipadel is the official grass endorsed by the Padel Association and is a British designed product. The latest in texturised turf yarn technology, means our EasiPadel offers a higher than industry standard yar dtex and a special PU backing. The result? YEAR ROUND DURABILITY.


Come rain or shine, your EasiPadel Installation will remain intact and in tip top condition.


EasiPadel: Technical Specifications

  • Application: Padel
  • Performance: FEP & WPT
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Composition: Texturised PE
  • Structure: Monofilament
  • DTEX: 9,000
  • Pile Weight: 1090g/m2
  • Backing Material: PU
  • Roll Width: 3m/5m
  • Pile Height: 11mm
  • Gauge: 3/16th
  • Stitches / llm: 220
  • Stitces / sqm: 46,200
Comfort & Durability
Medium Ball Speed
WPT Official Turf/Blue
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