EasiPong Odour Eliminating Mixture

The safe solution for your pets

Why Choose Us?

  • Eliminate odours from pets on your artificial grass
  • Power combination of ammonia-eliminating enzymes
  • Long-lasting mixture that is safe for pets and the environment



The Problem

The pungent smell from pet urine on artificial grass or turf evolves from ammonia. When rinsing down your artificial turf, the ammonia mixes with the water and forms crystal encrustations which block the drainage holes of the turf. This is what makes the smell even worse. Disinfectants only mask the smells caused by these encrustations and so smells keep reoccurring after cleaning.


The Solution

EasiPongTM is a powerful combination of ammonia-eliminating enzymes and odour-eating bacteria. While enzymes break down ammonia and ammonia crystals on contact, long-acting, odour-eating bacteria continue to replicate until the food supply from the ammonia is finally exhausted. Both the smell and the source are eliminated completely.


How to apply

  1. Apply after sundown.
  2. Initial application: 1ℓ bottle of EasiPongTM 1:10 dilution covers approximately 50m2. Thereafter 1:20 dilution covers 100m2. In extreme cases this product can be used undiluted.
  3. Spray the ready-to-use liquid liberally on the smelly spot and surrounding area.
  4. Do not spray in direct sunlight. (Please note: Ammonia decomposition takes place over a few overs. We recommend that EasiPongTM is applied after sundown to allow maximum time for reaction.)
  5. Do not apply on top of previously used chemicals until completely washed down.
  6. Use as often as needed.


Tips to help you manage the problem

Spray the sunny areas of your artificial grass with EasiRepelTM to discourage your pet from urinating beyond their designated toilet area. An application of EasiPongTM can only be applied 7 to 10 days thereafater.



  • EasiPongTM is harmless to pets, people and the environment.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If ingested: drink large amounts of water of milk.
  • Contact with eyes: rinse with water.


Storage and Shelf-life

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product will expire 2 years from time of opening.


Please Note

Artificial grass can reach high temperatures. As enzyme products have a reduced efficiency when the turf’s temperature exceeds 45oC, pet urine smells may reoccur if the bacteria have not completely digested the ammonia.



As conditions of use are beyond our control, no warranty is made on this product.

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